Rogue Hippo - Mixed Ultimate

We understand that there are a lot of options to play competitive ultimate in Edmonton! We’d like to take a moment to let you know what we’re about:

We are looking to take a small roster (10-12 men, 8-9 women) so that we can distribute playing time evenly and make sure everyone sees the field on a regular basis. We also have built a season plan with the understanding that (some) people want to have a life outside of ultimate, especially in the summer, and have developed our schedule to help our players have the time and money to enjoy their summer in other ways. We have built a season plan that allows people with a tighter budget to still get a lot of competitive ultimate in. Only one of our tournaments (Potlatch in Seattle) is what we would consider ‘flying distance’, and even then, some of our roster has driven there in the past. Even Mixed Nationals is within driving distance, in Saskatoon. We will only be holding one practice per week, on Wednesdays. We will also have one ‘training camp’ weekend in early June. With all this in mind, we are still trying to put together the best roster possible.

Check out our full 2017 season details!

Stay in touch!

The main source of outgoing communication will be the Edmonton Mixed Ultimate Google Group. Join the Google Group at

The best way to contact Rogue Hippo is by email at

Pictures and general updates will be posted on Facebook, and tournament updates and other miscellaneous odds and ends can be accessed through our Twitter.